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  1. Avoid Adding Roofing Problems and Repairs to Your List of Winter Woes

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    Here in the Midwest, we’re accustomed to the cold winter temperatures, howling winds, snow, and ice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we like them! Our list of winter woes can be long and we certainly don’t need to add more problems to the list. Hence the reason it is so important to properly maintain and keep a vigil eye on your roof in the 2016 winter months.

    The National Weather Service said that January 2015 was an exceptionally cold month around this area and 2016 isn’t looking much warmer. Last winter, a report on USAToday.com stated, “It’s been a brutally cold month across much of the nation’s northern tier… In Chicago, temperatures are about 10 degrees below average for the month, and the city is suffering through an even colder January than last year, during the infamous polar vortex…” There seems to be a pattern building here…

    It’s not just the cold temperatures that are affecting us – and also affecting our roofs and the roofs of businesses throughout the area. Last year, it was the fluctuating jet stream that brought in warmer temperatures every so often, that caused additional trouble. Freeze-thaw conditions caused by the jet stream maneuvers (when the cold outside warms up and then suddenly drops again) can wreak havoc on roof systems, creating leaks. When it comes to roofing, whether temperatures are mild or cold, it seems that both are an issue.

    Standing moisture on a roof system can also present problems. Just as constant contact with moisture is bad for windows and masonry, it can also be detrimental to roofing membrane and flashings. To prevent damage to your roofing system, it’s wise to keep an eye on your roof at all times and work to prevent excessive snow build-up when possible. Make sure roofing professionals remove the snow from your roof because we know proper roofing safety practices, and are experienced with roof system maintenance.

    In addition to the snow, there is ice. Wherever it’s coming from, ice can damage your roofing system. Roof drains, gutters and flashing can all be damaged by icing and ice chunks falling from adjacent buildings. As a caution, make sure to be on the lookout for possible icing damage when the temperatures dip below the freezing point.

    Today’s last blistering-cold winter weather concern related to roofing: if your roof needs a repair in the winter months, it’s possible that you might have to wait some time. Roofing repairs can’t always be attended to during the winter months as a direct result of extremely cold temperatures, snow, or moisture being present. Contact a roofing professional for their evaluation of the possibilities for repair. It will all depend on your specific roof system, the damage you have, the repair required, and, of course, the current winter weather conditions at that time.

    Overall, the best possible solution is year-round maintenance of your roof. To be safe and smart, today is the perfect time to schedule a roof inspection for the worsening winter months, and fully address any damages from the last several. Being safe and smart with Knickerbocker is always a good idea – and it can keep you from adding to your list of winter woes!

  2. Honored By the Recognition We Have Received as a Leading Contractor in the Roofing, Sheet Metal and Waterproofing Industries

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    Here at Knickerbocker our progress reflects our birth in 1886. The awards that we have received over the years ultimately recognize us as a leading contractor in the roofing, sheet metal and waterproofing industries.

    Many industries, including our own, have changed throughout the years, but our company’s mission remains strong: to provide outstanding solutions to our customers by offering quality products installed by skilled professionals. At Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving, employers and employees alike consistently strive to maintain our leadership role in the industry.

    With that said, we are proud of our record throughout the years and honored to be recognized for our accomplishments. The awards received include:

    • Project Awards
    • Industry Awards and Certificates
    • Manufacturer Awards and Certificates
    • Safety Awards and Recognition
    • Charity Awards and Certificates

    Here is a brief overview of each category:

    Landmark Preservation Awards
    The ability to restore historic structures is a skill held by only a few companies. Because we are one of those companies who understand the importance of preserving history and we have the capabilities to do so, we are often called in to work on projects with historic and cultural significance. Three projects we have been involved with have been recognized with Chicago Landmark Awards for restoring, reusing, and promoting the city of Chicago’s historic architecture. Landmark Awards have been won with:

    Lorado Taft Midway Studios: This challenging project consisted of small, low sloping roofs with skylights. All existing roofing material was removed and replaced with new Vermont slate, architectural shingles, and copper metal valleys to restore it to the original design. A deteriorated cupola was rebuilt and replaced. The building also houses a working art studio where we installed 12 custom fabricated skylights to enhance the studio with natural sunlight.

    Indian Boundary Field House: Restoration of the fire-damaged building consisted of removing and replacing the multi-colored, multi-width, rescinding slate roof along with new copper sheet metal flashings, valleys, gutters, and downspouts. The challenge of working with multi-color rescinding slate requires skill and expertise to properly install the large slate at the eaves with progressively smaller slate tiles installed toward the top ridge.

    Monroe Building: The steep slope on this occupied office building required exceptional skill and planning to avoid major disruptions to traffic and pedestrians. After carefully removing the existing roof we installed a custom-manufactured, two-tone, green-glazed Ludowici tile with 20 oz copper gutters and flashings. The complex nature of this project included installing a vertical and horizontal batten system and a 5,000 square foot copper gutter system. The final effect is stunning.

    Industry Awards and Certificates
    Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving has won the prestigious National Roofing Contractors Association Gold Circle Award – one which recognizes workmanship excellence. Additionally (and closer to our Chicago region home) we’ve been repeatedly acknowledged by the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association, whose members include: contractors, manufacturers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, consultants and others industry professionals, who provide leadership for the industry in this region.

    Manufacturer Awards and Certificates
    For 2014, Knickerbocker received the Partner in Quality Award from Firestone Building Products. This award recognizes those contractors who meet requirements for installation excellence and performance of qualified materials within the roofing industry. We are extremely proud to be listed as a premier roofing contractor.

    Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving recently received the 2015 Firestone Building Products Master Contractor Award. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve received the recognition as a best roofing contractor, it is the most recent of the various awards we’ve received over the years. According to Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products, “The annual Master Contractor Program recognizes our best contractor firms dedicated to installing roofing systems that help commercial buildings achieve long-term performance. We’re proud to have offered this award for the last 28 years to recognize our trusted contractor partners who are some of the best in the industry.” Other manufacturer awards and certificates that we’ve received include the “Ludowici Crown Installer” (Knickerbocker was one of only three companies to achieve this designation in the industry) as well as “Approved Carlisle Applicator of Sure-Seal Elastomeric Systems.” These are just two examples of the additional esteemed awards Knickerbocker has proudly accepted.

    Safety Awards and Recognition
    Our team takes safety extremely seriously and, as a direct result, we have been frequently recognized for our commitment to safety in what we do. A part of our safety program is the annual safety training program for all of our supervisors and field employees. We commonly share the company philosophy of “safety first.” In fact, many times over the years, our safety program has been recognized by organizations like the American Subcontractors Association (ASA –Chicago).
    Charity Awards and Recognition
    Last, but certainly not least, our company and employees have received awards and recognition by charity organizations for service to our local community. We’ve been honored for our contributions and service to the DuPage Habitat for Humanity, the Leukemia Research Foundation, and the cities of Harvey and Chicago, as well as other communities and organizations in the area.

    Check out the photo gallery on our website which includes a display of several of the many awards and certificates Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving has received over the years. We’re honored and proud to share our accomplishments with you and our community!