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  1. 4 Tips to Winterize Your Roof

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    Summer has quickly slipped into fall and now here are the winter months. Preparing for winter should start now, so that you avoid any serious issues when the depths of winter set in and it’s either too cold or too snowy to deal with building issues.

    The roof is the one of the first components of a home or building to winterize. Here’s a quick checklist of what to review before the cold winter winds begin to blow.

    1. Remove any leaves and debris that may have accumulated on your roof, particularly near drains and gutters. Be sure to remove any large tree limbs or other debris that could collect water that would freeze into heavy ice. Snow and ice can cause real damage.
    2. Look over the roof for any cracks or openings where water and then ice could create more damage. Take corrective measures to seal or replace the damage.
    3. Inspect the flashings around all penetrations, including exhaust pipes, curbs and chimneys, and any parapet and penthouse walls. These are often the source of leaks.
    4. UV rays may have damaged the roof over the summer months; look into applying a layer of elastomeric, urethane, or aluminum coatings to protect the roofing from any damage from these harmful rays.

    These few tips should help you get through the winter months. Hopefully this winter will be mild and there will be little snow and ice to contend with. In case it’s not, consult with your roofing contractor to ensure your roof is ready for the cold!