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  1. Scaffolding: Keeping Workers and Pedestrians Safe

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    Scaffolding is something you have come across whenever you have passed a construction site or building under remodeling—it’s used by construction companies and roofing companies, like ourselves, to protect pedestrians who are passing or entering the buildings, as well as the employees working on the construction. When it comes to the safety of workers and the general public, scaffolding is of utmost importance.

    According to the article “Pedestrian and Occupant Safety and Scaffolding: Specifying Protection,” there are a variety of ways for building owners and roofing companies to ensure the safety of the workers—safety lines, parapet walls, and scaffolding. Scaffolding in particular has a double advantage: not only can it protect the general public from falling debris, it also provides the roofing workers a means of protection from falling off of the roof surface. Additionally, the scaffolding platform can be used to store and lift material and equipment.

    As roofing professionals, we utilize scaffolding often, especially when it comes to steep roofing projects involving slate or tile. When it comes to scaffolding installation, it is necessary to understand all that is involved to safely and properly install it for complex projects, not to mention various codes that need to be followed. The scaffolding needs to be built by properly trained workers, inspected and maintained on a regular basis, and adjusted to each unique location so that safety is the number one priority. In the end, we not only want the roofing project to be completed in the highest quality, but we also want the safety of our workers and the public to be of highest concern as well.