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  1. Be Prepared for “Above Normal” Snowfall in Chicago in 2015-16: Prevent Roof Leaks with an Annual Roof Maintenance Program

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    As discussed in our October blog post, “Prevent This Year’s Roofing Leaks from Rain and Snow,” the snowfall this year is appearing to be one for the record books. Look to ready yourself for the winter months and prevent roof leaks at your facilities, every season of the year, with a roof maintenance program like the annual roof maintenance program we offer at Knickerbocker.

    In addition to preventing roof leaks, Knickerbocker’s roof maintenance programs are designed to fit our customers’ needs and budget. Note that, in the long run, an investment in an annual roof maintenance program can save you from spending a lot of time and money on repairs. Another benefit of a roof maintenance program is the peace-of-mind you’ll get from knowing that you’ve got everything covered, when it comes to roof maintenance.

    It’s easy to get started with a roof maintenance program with Knickerbocker right away!

    We begin all roof maintenance programs for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities with a routine roof inspection to survey the condition of all building roofs. After inspection, we provide a written report on each roof. The report includes photographed areas of the roof that need to be addressed, and also details work that should be performed. In addition to our annual roof maintenance programs, our Service Department also offers semi-annual programs, and small project roof repairs and replacements.

    Last, but not least, Knickerbocker always offers emergency roof leak repair service; however, with an annual roof maintenance program with us, you greatly reduce the need for emergency service!

    For further information on the above programs, contact us at 708-339-7260 or be sure to visit our website today!