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  1. Earth Day Prompts Us to Save Energy

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    April 22nd is the worldwide celebration of Earth Day which reminds us all of the importance of taking actions that save energy, the climate, and the Earth. This year marks the 46th anniversary of the movement that spurred us into action to tackle environmental issues in all parts of our lives.

    A basic campaign of the Earth Day Network is to create green cities so we can live more sustainable lives. Using green building materials to encourage energy efficiency is a strategy for reducing energy consumption in buildings by 30-80%. An area where this can have a dramatic impact is in roofing materials. White roofs (also known as cool roofs) are made from reflective materials that reduce heat transfer to the surface. This keeps the heat from penetrating to the interior of the building, reducing the amount of air conditioning needed to cool the building in the summer. White roofs are beneficial to green cities by reducing local air temperatures and lowering electricity demand and energy generation. In hotter climates these roofs reduce urban heat and keep buildings cooler at night unlike black top, pavement, or dark roofing materials that absorb heat during the day and cool down very slowly after sunset.

    The material used in white roofs can be made from materials that are white in color or materials that have been coated to be reflective. Some ideal materials include EPDM which is a rubber roofing material used on flat and low-slope roofs and is available in white; PNC roofing which is reflective and can provide energy efficiency, and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) which is growing in acceptance. All of these materials push back the solar rays keeping the roof cooler on scorching hot days.

    Knickerbocker has been involved with many green roofing installations and our specialty roofing capabilities will improve LEED certifications and help create green cities, reduce energy consumption, and be environmentally conscious. Contact us to learn more about white roofs and how they can improve your building’s performance today.

  2. Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

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    The 2015 season is officially over, and now that the first of the year has passed we’re gearing up for what will develop in 2016. Our industry has been rebounding nicely from the recession and 2016 is expected to continue this trend with growth in both commercial and residential construction.

    According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) forecast, the roofing and construction industry should expect to see nonresidential construction spending grow 7.5% this year. Contractor confidence has increased and backlog indicators also signal strong demand. The Dodge Outlook Report predicts that new construction starts will rise 6% overall. By sector, the new construction breakdown is expected as:

    • A 20% rise in dollars for single family housing corresponding to a 17% increase in units.
    • A 7% rise in dollars for multifamily housing corresponding to 5% increase in units.
    • An 11% rise in commercial building.
    • A 9% rise in educational buildings including schools and hospitals.

    This positive picture of the industry is indicative of rebounding markets, improvements in the economy, and increases in job growth. As an election year, 2016 should also see an increase in capital improvement projects as state budgets have allocated more spending for infrastructure. The collaboration with private industry has led to more public-private partnerships (P3) which enable government agencies to better afford large capital construction projects. P3 offers a broad array of options and are a viable option for financing and managing construction projects.

    Experts are also predicating a banner year ahead for the remodeling sector, with the strongest growth in the luxury market and an increase in adoption of green building. Residential remodeling and green building are in demand as consumers want higher quality results and ways to reduce living costs. Residential construction is catching up to the commercial sector in green principles.

    The predictions for the coming year are very promising and align with what we have been experiencing. Knickerbocker is seeing growth in the market, and general improvements in the industry, as residential and commercial projects seek the highest quality roofing and construction capabilities. We are a leader in architectural sheet metal fabrications, steep slope roofinglow slope roofing, and green roofing services. Our specialty roofing capabilities set us apart from others in the industry.

    The Knickerbocker team wishes all of you a Happy New Year and look forward to the new challenges of 2016. Contact us today to learn how our capabilities can set you apart from the others in the new year!