The construction and maintenance of roofs is essential to the safety of homes, healthcare facilities, businesses and institutions. Knickerbocker Roofing continues to serve our clients needs during this global pandemic while following CDC guidelines for the safety of our employees and customers.


With Chicago’s Air and Water Show only a few weeks away, Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co. Inc. was contracted to install an energy code compliant roof system with a new patio deck atop a nearby condominium. The client required that the project on the near northside of Chicago be completed by the show date, with no disruption to the building’s residents.

Taking on challenging projects and answering complex requests is our specialty.  We took on this project with confidence that our skilled workers, experience, and quality would shine throughout this project. Our first task was to remove the existing 7,800 square foot roof. When it came time to install the Soprema modified bitumen roof system, we hoisted all of the materials 30 stories up over the side of the building to ensure minimal disruption to residents. Finally, we replaced the wooden sundeck with a new concrete paver system.

This project was successful from many angles. We completed the roof removal and installation, as well as the sundeck fabrication, prior to the Air and Water Show. All of the work was done without any adverse effect on the building residents. The roof was installed with precision and quality workmanship. The client was extremely pleased with our professionalism and performance. To learn how Knickerbocker Roofing can help you accomplish you’re most challenging project, contact us today.

Installation of Bitumen Roofing for Lowell House Condominium Building

Roofing Removal & Installation for Lowell House Condominium Project

Roof Removal and Energy Code Compliant System Installation Project   This service is used to remove and install a condominium roof.
Roof & Sundeck Capabilities Applied/Processes   Roofing:
  • Remove existing
  • Install new Soprema modified bitumen roof
Challenges   Hoisted all materials 30 stories up
Not to disrupt residents
Replace wood sundeck
Roof Dimensions   7,800 sq. ft.
Material Used   Soprema white modified bitumen membrane
Industry for Use   Housing industry
Construction industry
Project Location   Chicago-Gold Coast, Illinois
Project Name   Lowell House Condominium Bitumen Roof Installation