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Installation of Photovoltaic Panels at The University of Chicago Medical Center
Installation of Photovoltaic Panels at The University of Chicago Medical Center
Installation of Photovoltaic Panels at The University of Chicago Medical Center

A large land-locked roof replacement with multiple levels. Staging with 7 story scaffolding in an area that also housed MRI equipment and other sensitive equipment and testing. Slope of the main roof surface was 4/12 with low parapet walls along the perimeter. Many vent intakes and exhaust vents on the different roof levels. Logistically challenging, the dock where we had to make the deliveries and remove the debris was very active, only one vehicle at a time, and special accommodations had to be made with the sensitive deliveries that were being delivered to the different labs that the dock serviced.

Scope of Work: Tear off multiple layers of roofing and install at temporary roof in cold adhesive. Install insulation (R-20) and wood nailer that acted as insulation stops due to the existing slope. Installed multi-ply modified bitumen roof system (in cold adhesive) that had a reflectivity of .83. After the roof was installed, we installed 59 photovoltaic panels. Worked started late fall 2011 and finished in spring of 2012.

Project Description   Removed multiple layers of roof while trying to avoid fumes from a ventilation shaft at an area with very limited access. Installed photovoltaic panels.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Vent fabrication
  • Photovoltaic panels installed by Knickerbocker
Expertise   Roofing remvoal and installation
PV installation
Overall Roof Dimensions   8,600 sq. ft.
Material Used  
Tremco T-24 Premium FR Cap Sheet
2 Comp ply
R-24 insulation
Cold adhesive
Challenges   Due to many intakes and exhaust vents, fumes were a challenge. Safety was a challenge due to the large scope.
Multiple roof area levels made staging very complex in a high traffic area.
Industry for Use   Medical industry
Features   Solar - 59 photovoltaic panels installed
Reflective roofing
Timeframe   Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
  • Weather conditions delayed project
Delivery Location   Chicago, Illinois
Standards Met   Customer specifications
Project Name   Vent Fabrication & Photovoltaic Panel Installation