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Installation of Steep, Garden & Adhered Roof System at the Glenview Public Library
Installation of Steep, Garden & Adhered Roof System at the Glenview Public Library
Installation of Steep, Garden & Adhered Roof System at the Glenview Public Library

When the town of Glenview, Illinois needed a new library to better serve the community, they decided to build a new 85,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility to fulfill the Library’s mission to educate, enrich, inspire and entertain. The building and the roofs provide an aesthetic enhancement to the community’s downtown district as well as a positive impact on the lives of those in the community.

The classic color of the shingle roofs tie in with the custom sheet metal dormers that make the building stand out. The various low slope roofs with reflective roofing enhance the functionality of the building as they keep the roofs cool that house the heating and cooling systems. At two locations, garden roofs enrich the experience for library patrons while holding storm water and helping to reduce heat island effect.

The new building serves as a centerpiece for the neighborhood. Two years after the library opened its doors, it is still seeing a 10% annual increase in use. Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co. Inc. is proud to have been such an important part of this success and can bring a similar success to your project.

Glenview Public Library Project Highlights

Project Description   The roofing and waterproofing systems installed provide aesthetic improvements for the community as well as environmentally friendly impacts by allowing for the capture of storm water and keeping key areas of the building cool.
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Primary:
New construction
  • Installation
    • Adhered roof system
    • Electric Field Vector Mapping® (EFVM®) System
    • Garden roofing
    • Steep roofing
Overall Dimensions   28,000 sq feet of shingles
3,600 sq feet of garden
21,000 sq feet of PVC reflective roofing
Material Used   White 60 mil G410 EnergySmart Roof® membrane
Sarnafil® 80 mil G476 waterproofing membrane
CertainTeed Landmark Premium designer shingles
Challenges   Large scale new construction
Many different roof areas
Different types of roofing (steep, low slope, green roof)
Industry For Use   Public Sector
Timeframe   Completed October 2010
Delivery Location   Glenview, Illinois
Standards Met   Customer and architect specifications
Project Name   New roof system installation