The construction and maintenance of roofs is essential to the safety of homes, healthcare facilities, businesses and institutions. Knickerbocker Roofing continues to serve our clients needs during this global pandemic while following CDC guidelines for the safety of our employees and customers.


This project consisted of multiple roofing crews working in a high density residential area. Knickerbocker replaced the existing shingle roofs and structural plywood roof decks with new plywood decking, self adhered bituminous membrane, #15 asphalt felt, GAF roof shingles and pre-finished metal trim. Bi-weekly meetings were held with the architect, property manager, facilities manager and Knickerbocker staff. A drawing was prepared and maintained showing when and where the roof replacement work was being performed throughout the property. In addition, each residence received a notification as to when work would be performed on their residential unit. Safety of the residents and workers was priority #1 in all discussions. All work was performed ahead of schedule and on budget with only a minor inconvenience to the residents. For more information or to request a custom quote, please contact us today.

Residential Roof Removal & Installation for London Towne Houses Co-Op
Project Description   Replaced the existing roofing and structural wood roof deck on 120 town houses.
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Primary:
Roof removal
Roofing installation
  • Plywood substrate
  • Self adhered bituminous membrane
  • Felt
  • Shingles
Thermal insulation installed at some locations
Expertise   Roofing
Overall Roof Dimensions   532,880 sq. ft. (120 town houses)
Material Used   Asphalt shingles
Challenges   The work was coordinated with the cooperative's management team, architect, and the residents.
Managed the sub-contracted company which rebuilt the dormers and eyebrows. (Co-op identified contractor)
Features/Benefits   Thermal insulation; High-performance roof singles
Industry for Use   Residential housing industry
Timeframe   Work performed through much of the year as weather permitted
Delivery Location   Chicago, Illinois
Standards Met   Customer & Architect specifications
Project Name   Town house roofing