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Roofing for River City Condominiums
Roofing for River City Condominiums
Roofing for River City Condominiums

The River City Condominiums are located on the Chicago River in the up-and-coming South Loop neighborhood. The building designed by Bertrand Goldberg as a “city within a city”, was built to support the residents’ health, education, day-care and recreation facilities. As the original roofs on this distinctive S-shaped building reached their end of life, units were facing recurring problems with water infiltration.

Knickerbocker removed the existing roofing and installed insulation, coverboard and Sarnafil’s EnergySmart PVC roof membrane and flashings at the 19 different odd-shaped roofs. There were also thousands of feet of challenging liquid membrane flashing that added significant complexity to the project at the serpentine multi-level building. Material was double, triple and even quadruple handled with cranes, hoists and manpower to reach the various roof areas without impacting the residents. Safety was a critical component of the project and there were no injuries to workers or residents for the duration of the project.

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Project Description   Install roofs on a condominium complex so that residents can sell or lease units.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Installation of roofing
Water proofing
Expertise   Roofing
Overall Roof Dimensions   27,500 sq. ft. (9 buildings)
Material Used   Sarnafil 6410 60 mm full and adhered membrane
Material Coating   Sikalastic 621 Waterproofing - Reflective
Challenges   In-house and on-site fabrication of flashings.
The roofing system had to be tied into a two part liquid membrane and fabric system in very challenging locations.
Coordination with the management company was essential to project completion.
Industry for Use   Residential industry
Timeframe   Fall 2009 - Summer 2010
Work performed over the course of 2 roofing seasons
Delivery Location   Chicago, Illinois
Standards Met   Customer specifications
Project Name   Residential Condo Roofing Services