Roofing for the Iconic Rookery Building
Roofing for the Iconic Rookery Building
Roofing for the Iconic Rookery Building

The Rookery was designed by Daniel Burnham and John Root with Frank Lloyd Wright redesigning the Light Court shortly after the building was opened. In 1970, the Rookery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and declared an Official Chicago Landmark in 1972.

The re-roofing project at this landmark building presented logistical and scheduling issues that necessitated the work be performed by a highly experienced roofing contractor. With work being performed in the middle of the financial district, tight restrictions were placed on timing of debris removal, material delivery and noise-producing work. The work area involved a low slope roof in the center of the building and a 5/12 slope roof around the perimeter. The low slope roof surrounded a huge skylight and the sloped areas held extensive ductwork, adding another challenge to the re-roofing project. Custom fabricated sheet metal flashings were installed, accenting the extensively detailed structure.

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Project Description Re-roof a historic and iconic landmark of Chicago
Capabilities Applied/Processes 
  • Custom designed metal flashings
Roof coating
Expertise Roofing
Overall Roof Dimensions 20,200 sq. ft.
Material Used 
G-410 80 mil fully adhered membrane
R-24 insulation
Reflective coating
Challenges Access to this building was very limited and could not impede day-to-day operations.
Due to heavily sloped areas, safety was the critical factor.
Addition Facts Oldest 12 story standing high-rise in Chicago
Industry for Use Financial industry
Timeframe Late Summer - Fall 2008
  • Worked during the night (early mornings to 9:00pm)
Delivery Location Chicago, Illinois
Standards Met Customer specifications
Project Name Iconic Building Roof