Dan Johnson Chair Board of Trustees – First United Methodist Church

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, as well as the entire congregation of our church, we would like to extend to you our most sincere thank you for the excellent experience we’ve had with your company through the course of the roof replacement project. The quality of work and resulting visual improvement to our cherished building has exceeded our expectations. We are left with no doubt that we made the correct choice in selecting Knickerbocker for this project.

We would also like to acknowledge the way in which Ed Scaggs and all of the crew onsite conducted themselves through the project. They held a consistent sensitivity for the safety of those using the building during working hours and minimized noise when certain areas of the building were in use. I received only compliments on their interactions with church members and staff.

Again, thank you, and best wishes for continued success.

James R Nieliak President – Owner Maple Lane Properties – All Products

A big shout out to the roofer that did our job. He did a great job for quality, professionalism. He did it fast and complete. It was nice to get the pictures of the work completed. Feel free to use Maple Lane Properties / All Products as a “Highly Recommended” reference. Will keep your number for future maintenance and repairs.

Wayne Garrity Superintendent – Bulley & Andrews

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much it was a pleasure to work with Knickerbocker roofing. I am able to say this due to working with your Superintendent (Mike Bafia), your foreman and all your other workers who were on this job from sheet metal workers, roofers to the apprentices. Everyone was very diligent and courteous in getting the contract work, extra’s, and punch list work done. Mike helped out with giving his input on how to get things done faster, cheaper as well as serve the same outcome that the architects were looking for. I just thought that you might like to end the week with a positive input about your field personal from Bulley & Andrews. I have taken the same measures to let my office know as well.

Donald Hroma District Chief – Director of Training – Quinn Fire Academy

The members of your construction team did an outstanding job performing work while we continued to train more than 250 firefighter candidates, 25 lieutenant candidates, 50 paramedic in charge. We also continued to run our daily operations for drivers training, rope rescue classes and training for fire department incumbent members. Mike Bafia, Superintendent from Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving, should also be commended on all their hard work keeping us water tight during the roof replacement portion.

Richard R. Saulig Property Manager

Although we can be quick to complain, we seldom take the time we should to say thank you for a job well done.

This letter is to say just that. You and your employees have shown us that we made a wise decision in choosing Knickerbocker to replace our high-rise roof at 200 West Monroe.

Apparently the product and installation were appropriate for our job since we survived the heavy spring rains this year without incident.
We appreciate your expertise, professionalism and efforts in providing a quality finished product for this property. We will recommend your services to the entire property management team at Cushman & Wakefield.

Thomas W. Hutchinson AIA, RRC

I would like to inform you that Deerfield School District 109 and this office think the workmanship on the project was excellent. Coordination efforts by Mac, as well as the quality of installation and concern for detail by your Foreman, Miles, is clearly evident. I only wish that all projects went so well.

On behalf of School District 109 and Legat Architects, thank you for working towards excellence in roofing.

Carl McDonal Project Manager – Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.

I would like to compliment your firm for the professional manner in which you handled our recent roofing projects. Replacing over one million square feet of roofing materials was no easy task, yet the project was completed in a timely fashion. I was impressed with the professional approach you and your firm exhibited throughout the project.

In particular, your successful completion of the two roof areas, which could only be accessed through the Chicago Transit Authority (C.T.A.) Executive Offices and the Haworth Furniture showroom, displayed your sensitivity to completing the project without disruption to our tenant activities.

I thank you, and it was a pleasure to work with you and your fine personnel.

Heidi Neal Manager – Thorndale Beach South Condominium

Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Company installed a new rubber roof at Thorndale Beach South Condominium in August of 1985.
The roofers were neat and clean and the workmanship was excellent. I certainly would recommend Knickerbocker Roofing to my fellow building managers.

Robert Finke President – Phynyx Realty Services, Inc.

In pre-qualifying the bidders for this $535,000.00 project, I focused on well-established local firms with an in-house sheet metal shop and a strong base of repeat clients. Knickerbocker had excellent references and a wide range of experience in built-up coal tar systems and Sarnafil PVC membranes.

Knickerbocker provided a competitive price and the work was performed between July and October, with three different crews that specialized in built-up roofing, Sarnafil membranes and sheet metal work. It was apparent that each crew was supervised by a well trained and experienced foreman who had pride in the quality of the finished product. The training and team spirit of each member of the crews was apparent as they worked quickly and efficiently to produce a good product.

Re-roofing a fully occupied building always created logistical problems and complaints about “inconveniences”. Your workers were always courteous and accommodating in solving these problems.

In particular, I appreciated the willingness of your sheet metal fabricators and installers to work with me in designing a variety of specialized shapes to solve the original detailing problems.

In the three months since the job was completed, we have experienced several rain storms with blowing wind, but no leaks in the new roofing systems. Your company’s attention to detail was instrumental in finally ending a twenty (20) year history of roofing problems at this project.

Thank you for a job well done.

Neal A. Parlatore – Morse Diesel Project Manager – One North State Street Project

With completion of the roofing work on the project near, this letter is to commend Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving Company for providing a high-quality roof under less-than-ideal conditions and within a tight budget.

You will recall the roof was to be installed over an existing, difficult substrate, using Knickerbocker’s suggestions which were approved by the roofing material manufacturer and design team; the completed installation met or exceeded all expectations.

Thanks for your help and cooperation on the project.

Charles A. Reynolds Chief Operating Officer – Roofing Inspection Services, Ltd.

I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on the dispatch with which this job was completed. Working around the constraints imposed by Evans need to use the freight elevator almost all day long, and the need to keep the area clear and quiet for the Schubert Theater, was not easy.

Similarly, flashings under the field of air conditioners which serviced Evans Computer Room and could not be turned off was quite a challenge, which your able crew was obviously up to.

Despite the many potentials for difficulty with the above referenced situation and having to triple handle some of the roofing materials, this job went quite smoothly and I know the client and Roofing Inspection Services are quite happy with the work.

Barbara Fitzpatrick House Governors Chair – The Lathrop House / Home of the Fortnightly of Chicago

Our second important project, begun and completed this summer, was the replacement of the roof over the ballroom. This new roof-lighter, brighter, and with greater insulating properties – somehow was installed continuously UNDER all of the mechanical equipment already in place. We are grateful to Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving Co., Inc. for their expertise and patience in bringing this challenging project to completion. We look forward to many happy years enjoying what we do, in this room, under this new roof ….. The Knickebocker team did their usual fine job AND came in under budget.

Ronald Mellott River Center

Knickerbocker Roofing installed approximately 88,0000 square feet of Carlisle Roof on the 111 North Canal buildingvc. Knickerbocker did exactly what they had proposed to do. The work was done neatly and on time. There was very little punch list by Carlisle.

If our company had to do this over again, Knickerbocker would be the company picked to do the work.

Stephen R. Mulvihill Principal - ARCON Associates, Inc.

Back in 1979, when we started ARCON, Knickerbocker was an upstanding, good,
trustworthy contractor … it’s 2016 … you haven’t changed. You’re as good as you’ve always been.