In the Windy City, having a roof that protects your business and your assets is vital. When extreme weather, or just simply time, has taken its toll, you want a professional commercial roofer with extensive experience in every type of roof covering and design.

For over a century, customers in Chicagoland, Illinois, northwestern Indiana, and southeastern Wisconsin have trusted Knickerbocker Roofing to safeguard their buildings with high-quality, durable roofing. We offer 24 hour emergency roof repair for low and steep slopes, architectural sheet metal fabrication services, green roofing services, and roof maintenance.

Emergency Roof Repair Services From Knickerbocker Roofing

Knickerbocker Roofing hires only the most qualified technicians for professional, courteous, and conscientious service. Whether you need roof repair, maintenance, replacement, or architectural sheet metal fabrication, we have the expertise to repair and refurbish all types of commercial roofs. Our service technician will check in with your on-site representative immediately upon arrival to begin their damage investigation. We will provide photographs of our findings.

Please call our service division at (708) 339-1640 during business hours. For non-emergency needs, you may also contact us or request a quote online.

24 Hour Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Only: 708-932-8599

Our Service Division staff can be contacted directly to schedule a free roof evaluation and provide a proposal for a maintenance program:

Jeff Justice, Service Manager (708) 932-8599
Stephanie Amos, Service Department Administrator (708) 339-1640
Matt Krzeczowski, Service Department Warehouse Manager (708) 339-1640

benefits of emergency roof repair

When to Use Emergency Roof Repair Services

Finding emergency roof repair is something that you d

on’t want to face in a stressful situation. You want to do your research and get the most dependable and experienced certified professional. Knickerbocker Roofing has a dedicated service division on call 24/7 for commercial, industrial, and institutional emergencies. We will do everything we can to prevent further damage until it is safe to do permanent repairs.

Our emergency roof repairs can save you time, money, and headaches. When your expensive equipment, furniture, and other assets are at risk, you need to move fast. Delaying calling for emergency leak roof repair could mean the difference in small repairs and a total loss. Roof damage is not something that gets better with time but instead becomes more destructive.

Common situations and instances where emergency roof repair services are needed include:

  • Damage from sudden impact
  • New and existing leaks
  • Roof penetrations for HVAC equipment, utilities, cable, etc.
  • Storm and other weather-related damage

Benefits of Emergency Roof Repair Services

The advantages of our Chicago roofing services for your commercial property include the following.

Prevent Additional Structural Damage

All roofs can eventually leak if they are left without maintenance, but buildings with flat roofs are at particular risk during rainy or stormy seasons since they tend to hold water. When your roof leaks, the priority is to prevent any additional structural damage. Your most financially valuable asset is your real property. Failing to take stopgap measures could lead to structural damage that could potentially shut down your business until it can be permanently repaired.

Prevent Potential Fire Hazards

Water is insidious. It can quietly flow across ceilings and run down walls, damaging everything in its path. While you may expect to see signs immediately after hail or a severe storm, it could take days or weeks to discover the full extent of the destruction. Unfortunately, as electrical equipment comes into contact with water, your risk of fire increases, as well.

Improved Safety

Keeping your roof well-maintained increases safety. It not only safeguards your structural integrity, but it keeps workers safe. Often, commercial buildings have equipment on the rooftop. You want to make sure that anyone who walks on your roof, whether to inspect it or work on HVAC equipment, is provided safe access.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With time, everything deteriorates. It is no different for your roof and the insulation beneath it. If your building is older or it’s been a while since it was inspected, you may have noticed your energy bills going up. When the coating is worn down or old insulation is insufficient, meaning your HVAC system may be working overtime to try and cool the building. Maintaining or replacing an old roof and insulation can save you money over time.