In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication Drives Consumer and Company Success

As we all know, replacing or renovating a roof isn’t a stroll in the park. It’s fairly expensive and often time-consuming – especially if the fitting, detailing and the execution aren’t done right.

In an industry that is challenged by the problem of low customer satisfaction ratings, Knickerbocker continues to be a luminary – taking one project after another to a sterling finish, often highlighted by our outstanding sheet metal finishes.

From generic installations to more elaborate, ornamental designs,  specialty items to spires and colonnades, copper to stainless steel and prefinished variants in an array of colors, Knickerbocker is known for timely project completions, faultless craftsmanship, impeccable sense of design, and sheet metal installation.

In-House Fabrication Stands for Flexibility & Cost Effectiveness

We attribute many sheet metal project successes to in-house fabrication instead of outsourcing project requirements to other companies.

  • In-house fabrication allows Knickerbocker unparalleled control over the sheet metal fabrication.
  • For this process we have access to copper, stainless steel, galvanized, and numerous prefinished metal flat sheets to delight customers with possibilities and undertake ambitious projects like the roofing of the River City Condos.
  • Because Knickerbocker manages this sheet metal fabrication, we avoid supply chain bottlenecks like miscommunication, inventory synchronization issues, and poor workmanship of the supplier which culminate in unavoidable delays and customer frustrations.

These advantages are backed by the experience and expertise of our internally sourced tradesmen who are well versed with industry best practices and can troubleshoot installation complexities as they arise.

The end result is a quality solution that is perfect in terms of the cut, fit, and on time delivery for a rewarding customer experience.

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In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication Drives Consumer and Company Success

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