Innovative Roof Coatings from Knickerbocker

Spring cleaning is a common practice and one that also applies to industry. As the weather becomes milder and warmer, it’s a good time to begin taking a look at your industrial and commercial asphalt roofs. At Knickerbocker, we encourage all of our clients to invest in a complete maintenance program to increase the lifespan of their roofs. One way to increase your roof’s lifespan is with roof coatings.

We offer our customers a complete variety of coatings, including acrylic, urethane, elastomeric, white, and aluminum coatings. While the coatings don’t need to be applied to a roof on an annual basis, they can be a valuable addition to roof maintenance performed on our roof.

All of Knickerbocker’s roof coatings help repel damaging UV rays, which can easily damage the integrity of any asphalt-based roof. In addition to protection, these coatings also help maintain lower roof temperatures, which will instantly lower your cooling costs in warmer climates and in the summer months. Be sure that necessary roof repairs are made prior to installing any roof coating. It is also important to remind all asphalt roof owners that no matter what roof coating is chosen, it should never be a replacement for proper waterproofing. This can only be attained with separate waterproofing measures.

As we shift from winter to spring, and into summer, now is the time to do a full maintenance check-up on all your roofs. If it looks like it is time for a change or repairs, it also might be time to look into changing or adding roof coatings.

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