Natural Sunlight Enhances Interior Spaces

The art of roofing combines skill, experience, and insight into each building’s form and Natural Sunlight Enhances Interior Spacesfunction. The skills required to install a high-quality and long lasting roof also include expert sheet metal fabrication and installation. At Knickerbocker, we are experts in all types of roofing installations including taking on the challenges of designers wishing to create productive and visually stimulating interior environments.

A recent addition to building design is the concept of “daylighting.” By controlling the admission of direct and diffuse sunlight, there is less dependence on electric lighting during daytime hours which reduces energy use. With the sun as the primary source of daylight, it seems like an obvious choice to consider adding skylights. Skylights have been used for years to let natural light penetrate the interior of a building. Natural light enhances human health and performance by affecting the body’s circadian system. This has been shown to improve mood and perception while also encouraging the body to produce Vitamin D. Today’s modern skylights offer many positive benefits.

Combining the use of skylights with daylight-responsive lighting controls offers the highest energy saving options. Many building owners and corporations are installing daylighting systems and realizing large savings on their electric bills. Walmart, for example, incorporates daylighting systems in every facility they are building or converting. Skylights allow them to use light sensors to dim automatically or turn off the lights during the day reducing electricity demand during peak hours. They estimate annual savings of approximately 250 million kwh.

The addition of skylights requires reliable contractors who understand the processes involved in this type of installation. Once the roof is penetrated the skylight must be sealed properly to prevent water or air leaks. The roofing around the skylights must be secure, and proper maintenance must be performed to ensure long-lasting results of the whole system.

Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, our team understands how to get the job done safely and effectively. As architectural and ornamental design experts, Knickerbocker’s extensive roofing capabilities enable us to enhance the atmosphere of the inside of the building while also reinforcing the outside. If you are considering adding a daylighting system and skylights, contact Knickerbocker to let the sun shine in!

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