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  1. We Celebrate Responsible Building Practices in April!

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    In our last post we gave you the ins and outs of Earth Day and how it is a reminder to consider the environment in all decisions we make throughout our daily lives – sound familiar? Since it is finally April and Earth Day is fast approaching we are seizing the opportunity to tell you about additional roofing materials and systems that benefit the environment.

    Green roofs, also known as living roofs, are partly or completely covered with a waterproof membrane, a growing medium, and vegetation. They are an environmentally friendly roofing system that aims to reduce energy consumption and foster the idea of green cities. The addition of a green roof system helps to improve energy and water efficiency, while reducing pollution. Green roofs have a focus on water retention and also protect the roof from damaging solar rays.

    Because the system thrives on living plants, a direct result of the sun and rain, the roof becomes not only functional but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These types of installations help keep buildings cool because the plants absorb the sun’s rays. This reaction leads to lower HVAC use in the summer. On steep sloped roofs, slate and tile are roofing materials that are natural products that can be recycled back into earthen material. These products have a lifespan of about 75-80 years. Green roofs are made up of long lasting materials that lead to lower replacement costs over the years, benefiting both you and the environment!

    We are true advocates of green roofing systems and have been involved in quite a few installations. There are many challenges involved in designing and building a green roofing system that is successful for both the environmental and the building sectors. Keep that in mind when choosing your roofing company… With our experience, we can take on wide variety of green roofing projects that help the environment and the community prosper.

  2. Celebrating Earth Day with a Green Roof and Knickerbocker

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    With Earth Day 2013 here, we thought it is the perfect time to dive deeper into climate change and the real value of green roofs. In case you are not aware, each April 22nd more than a billion people across the globe take part in Earth Day. It is an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge how special our planet is and how much we need to keep it happy and healthy.

    One way you can help start the healing process is with the installation of a green roof. A green roof is what it sounds like: a roof that is covered with living (usually green) flora and fauna. The greenery is planted over a waterproof membrane that protects the interior of the building. Beyond aesthetic beauty, green roofs also offer up a number of other benefits including:

    • Storm water management
    • Filtering of water into storm systems
    • Moderation of the urban heat island effect
    • Improved air quality
    • Fire retardation
    • Noise reduction

    As you might expect, installing and properly maintaining a proper green roof is a challenge. Because of the risk of water leakage, constant and thorough inspection is necessary. One way that Knickerbocker helps maintain your green roof is by installing EVFM or Electronic Field Vector Mapping. This added system can alert building owners about critical leaks in the membrane before they become a major issue, and a leak is located without digging up large areas of your greenery. By installing EVFM, Knickerbocker saves green roof owners time, money, and the frustration of trying to find a needle in a haystack. We also offer a full system warranty that includes the greenery along with the roofing materials and EVFM.

    This April 22nd, join Knickerbocker Roof and take some time out to salute Earth and make the effort to think of ways you can help make the world a better place for all of us to live and thrive—starting with your roof.