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  1. On the Sunny Side of the Roof: Solar Energy is Reaching New Heights

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    What is greater and more beneficial than the power of the sun? The effects of the sun provide needed warmth, boost productivity, and brighten moods; however, one of the most beneficial characteristics is the technological harvesting that can provide enough electricity to power entire homes and buildings. It’s truly remarkable.

    Up until recently, the full potential of its power as an energy source wasn’t completely realized. People knew it was possible and had successfully used the sun as an electrical resource, but there were cost prohibitions and other limitations.

    Today, solar energy is becoming universal, more economical, and as a result, communities around the world are taking serious note. According to this article, France recently mandated solar roofs for all new buildings in commercial areas, with the potential of “delivering a boost to installed solar capacity across the country,” coinciding with the provision of numerous environmental benefits.

    France isn’t the only place harnessing the sun’s power. It seems that Tesla plans to “reshape the power grid with millions of small power plants made of solar panels,” while other articles point to the way solar power is proving to be game-changing for utility companies. Why? Because now it is more prevalent and cost effective.

    As a result, homes, schools, office buildings, hospitals, and myriad commercial structures are installing solar rooftops at record levels. They are seeing the initial cost of installation quickly offset by the savings, as well as the marketing advantages a solar roof provides, happily looking to the sky for energy needs.

    While solar rooftops were originally thought of as only useful in areas of extreme sunlight, such as Arizona, the latest advancements and improvements mean it is possible and accessible to make good use of them anywhere. France, alone, speaks to this.

    Whether you are considering installing solar panels for a commercial, institutional or industrial building, there is one thing you need to know: you shouldn’t go at it alone. There are various factors, ranging from the size of the solar power system to the direction of the panels that can get complicated. Furthermore, rooftop work is dangerous and it is recommended to seek the help of professionals.

    If you are interested in turning your currently unused rooftop into a cost-saving and environmentally friendly energy resource, Knickerbocker can help. We will not only ensure you have a watertight and durable roof system, but we can install your energy generating solar system to make your experience and rooftop even brighter.