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  1. Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

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    The 2015 season is officially over, and now that the first of the year has passed we’re gearing up for what will develop in 2016. Our industry has been rebounding nicely from the recession and 2016 is expected to continue this trend with growth in both commercial and residential construction.

    According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) forecast, the roofing and construction industry should expect to see nonresidential construction spending grow 7.5% this year. Contractor confidence has increased and backlog indicators also signal strong demand. The Dodge Outlook Report predicts that new construction starts will rise 6% overall. By sector, the new construction breakdown is expected as:

    • A 20% rise in dollars for single family housing corresponding to a 17% increase in units.
    • A 7% rise in dollars for multifamily housing corresponding to 5% increase in units.
    • An 11% rise in commercial building.
    • A 9% rise in educational buildings including schools and hospitals.

    This positive picture of the industry is indicative of rebounding markets, improvements in the economy, and increases in job growth. As an election year, 2016 should also see an increase in capital improvement projects as state budgets have allocated more spending for infrastructure. The collaboration with private industry has led to more public-private partnerships (P3) which enable government agencies to better afford large capital construction projects. P3 offers a broad array of options and are a viable option for financing and managing construction projects.

    Experts are also predicating a banner year ahead for the remodeling sector, with the strongest growth in the luxury market and an increase in adoption of green building. Residential remodeling and green building are in demand as consumers want higher quality results and ways to reduce living costs. Residential construction is catching up to the commercial sector in green principles.

    The predictions for the coming year are very promising and align with what we have been experiencing. Knickerbocker is seeing growth in the market, and general improvements in the industry, as residential and commercial projects seek the highest quality roofing and construction capabilities. We are a leader in architectural sheet metal fabrications, steep slope roofinglow slope roofing, and green roofing services. Our specialty roofing capabilities set us apart from others in the industry.

    The Knickerbocker team wishes all of you a Happy New Year and look forward to the new challenges of 2016. Contact us today to learn how our capabilities can set you apart from the others in the new year!

  2. Look Up! You’ll Find Examples of Our Work All Around the Chicago Area

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    It would take us hours, days, weeks, to tell you about all of the projects Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving has completed over the past 125+ years. So, for today’s blog we decided to save you the time and carefully selected a few of our favorite projects from recent years. Mind that if you’re ever in the Chicago area, you can simply “look up” and find examples of our work! Here’s a preview of what you’ll see:

    Steep Slope Roofing at the Historic Monroe Building in Chicago
    Make sure to sneak a peek of the roof at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street in Chicago! Knickerbocker completed the roofing and gutter fabrication and installation job at this historic site, located at 104 S. Michigan Avenue. According to the building’s historical website, the Monroe Building “set a new benchmark for Chicago office space” when it was built more than a century ago. Specializing in projects such as steep slope roofing allowed us to complete the complex project. With Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street filled with local congestion, we used a cantilevered scaffold system that was erected 200 feet above the intersection. The project demanded capabilities beyond any standard roofing installation to meet the historic requirements for the job. This included removal of the existing roof and installation of a custom-manufactured, two-tone, green glazed Ludowici tile with 20oz copper gutters and flashings. The end results were, and still are, stunning. The Illinois Landmark Association awarded the Monroe Building project “Renovation of the Year.” You can take a look at all of the details of this project by visiting our website.

    Architectural Sheet Metal at the Museum of Science and Industry
    At Knickerbocker, we offer roof and gutter fabrication and installation. You can see an in-person example of our architectural sheet metal fabrication at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago). The museum is a “hands-on” educational center with engineering exhibits and more. Before completing this project, MSI was in desperate need of a new roof. We shared the museum’s “hands-on” approach to work day-in and day-out on the installation. Replacements included a new in-laid gutter system that had to be coordinated with another contractor’s masonry repairs. Daily adjustments had to be made for precision and accuracy. Different size radius panels were required, and intricate soldering helped to secure water tightness on every seam of the roof. It was an intricate job, but everyone was happy with the end results! Read about this project on our website.

    Low Slope Roofing at the River City Condominiums
    Located on the Chicago River in the “South Loop” neighborhood, the River City Condominiums were designed by Bertrand Goldberg as a “city within a city.” The distinctive “S” shaped building called for installation of new insulation, coverboard and Sarnafil’s EnergySmart PVC roof membrane and flashings. And it wasn’t just one, but 19 different and odd-shaped roofs belonging to the condominium community. This was a complex job, with material needing to be, at times, double-, triple- and even quadruple-handled with cranes, hoists and extra manpower to reach the different roof areas of the serpentine-shaped, multi-level building. Knickerbocker safely managed the complexity of the project, from start to finish. Learn more about this unique effort by reading further details on our website.

    Green Roofing at the University of Chicago Medical Center
    We installed photovoltaic panels at the University of Chicago Medical Center, bringing the Medical Center all of the advantages of a green roofing installation. This project was a large, land-locked roof replacement with multiple levels, and was also logistically challenging. We staged the area with 7-story scaffolding, taking into consideration that the area also housed MRI equipment and other sensitive testing materials. After replacing the roof at the Medical Center, we installed 59 photovoltaic panels. You can find more details about our proud accomplishment here.

    Roof Maintenance Services Throughout the Area
    We believe the best way to extend the life of your roof is to maintain it. Here at Knickerbocker we offer customized maintenance and service plans to fit our customers’ needs and budgets. The roofs we maintain are all over the area; Chicago, and other areas of Illinois, not to mention Northwest Indiana and Southeast Wisconsin. See examples of our work near and far!

    Find these stories, and many more, on the Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving website. Or simply “look up” the next time you’re in the area.