Tile & Slate – Natural and Sustainable Roofing Options

Are you looking for a steep-slope roofing solution that offers a stately aesthetic appeal, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts practically forever? Then two traditional building materials, tile and slate, both used by craftsmen over many centuries for constructing long-lasting roofs, might be the right choice for you.

Roofing tiles, made of kiln-fired clay ore, exhibit outstanding strength and durability. Available in a full spectrum of custom colors, profiles, and historical styles, they are so robust that our world-renown supplier, Ludowici Tile, offers a 75 year performance guarantee! Slate – actual shingle-like slices of rock – is another natural and durable roofing material. Used for centuries, slate roofs built by ancient Roman tradesman are still in existence today. They may have needed a repair or two along the way, but their long lifespan is a testament to their resilience! Slate offers a natural look and can be laid out in a variety of intriguing and appealing patterns.

Specialty roofing installation requires a unique set of skills, and with the knowledge passed down through generations of roofing professionals, Knickerbocker Roofing has them in spades! To protect the underlying structure of these weather-shedding roofs, we apply a self-adhered bituminous membrane along the eaves, valleys, and other penetration sites, while heavy duty 30 lb felt is installed under the roofing field. Combining old-world tile and slate with modern underlayment technology guarantees our roofs will achieve unmatched longevity.

And the benefits don’t stop there! If the roof should outlive its structure, slate and tile can be re-used as-is, or crushed and used as fill. As a sustainable roofing solution, LEED points are awarded for projects that specify these materials. If you seek to add the old world charm and sustainability of a slate or tile roof to your next construction project, Knickerbocker is the one to call!

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