We are at the Center of your Sheet Metal Roofing Project

Take a stroll down State Street in downtown Chicago and pause in front of Chicago landmark, the Sullivan Center. What do you see? Surely, a variety of restaurants and shops that constitute the ground level of the enormous building. Look a bit deeper, and you’ll notice the ornate architecture that has helped solidify the Sullivan Center as a well-known Chicago building. Now, look closer at the metal canopy and roof on the Center. Do you know what you’re now looking at? Some of Knickerbocker’s own sheet metal work.

Over the years, we have performed a number of roofing projects on the Sullivan Center, most recently being the fabrication and installation of a metal canopy on the front part of the building. In order to maintain the appearance and façade of the building, we had to construct a detailed roof that was integrated into the existing ornate metal.

How were we able to meet the needs of the Sullivan Center? With the use of our sheet metal department. Specifically, we can perform in-house metal fabrication, including copper, stainless steel, and prefinished aluminum and steel, for a variety of roofing-related applications. Sheet metal projects we have worked on in the past have included metal roofs, custom copper installations, louvers, skylights, gutters, downspouts, and counter flashings. Our capabilities allow us to perform whatever work is needed in association with our current roofing projects as well as independent sheet metal needs.

Take a cue from Chicago’s own Sullivan Center—let Knickerbocker construct your next sheet metal roofing project!

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