Weathering the Roofing Storms

Rain, snow, high wind. There are many types of storms that can hit at any point, and your building’s structure needs to be able to withstand these strong conditions and any potential debris. More than necessary, then, is to ensure your roof is sturdy enough in these storms, or can easily be repaired to ward off any further structural damage.

This is where Knickerbocker can step in. As roofing experts, we have the skills to repair or rebuild your roofs after any possible storm damage. Was there a roof blow-off (where the roof peeled back and exposed the roof deck or inside structure)? Did the entire roof pull away? Was the insulation soaked? Does the flashing and perimeter edge need to be replaced? Whatever the issue is, we can solve your problem. Our emergency repair services allow for us to make small and rush repairs as soon as the storm conditions settle. Sometimes these repairs are small enough to keep your existing roof; however, the storm may have been powerful enough to permanently damage the roof. In this case, we can perform more extensive repairs or a full roof replacement.

If the roof’s destruction is severe enough to require a complete replacement, not only can we replace it, but we can provide a roofing manufacturer’s 10, 15, or 20 year warranty. What steps do we take? First, we will evaluate the condition of the roof and work with you to determine the right solution to fit your needs. From there, we properly install the roofing to product specifications, to adhere to appropriate wind guidelines, and to meet thermal and reflectivity requirements. With our years of experience, we guarantee your roof will be strong enough to protect you in the next storm. Although Mother Nature can provide storms we can’t protect against fully – like tornadoes—we will do the best to prepare and maintain your roof to weather the storm!

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