Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co. Inc. was hired to replace the existing clay tile roof and copper gutter system on the historic Monroe Building in Chicago, Illinois. Historic and complex projects are our specialty, as we pay strict attention to the specific details and requirements for these types of structures.

This project demanded capabilities beyond any standard installation. We removed the existing 100 square tile roof and installed gypsum board, felt, and self-adhered bitumen membrane prior to installing a vertical and horizontal batten system toggled to the clay block structural deck.  Our tradesmen and women have the expertise to properly install this batten system and the clay tile roofing that is so challenging to perform properly.

The 5,000 square foot gutter system required onsite fabrication by our highly skilled sheet metal craftsmen for the required specialty gutter components, as well as intricate soldering.  Our multi talented tradesmen and women proved their ability to respond to changing project requirements.

This exceptional roofing and gutter fabrication and installation project included many challenges. The occupied office building was in a congested area of high traffic and pedestrian use. We determined that the best set up for the work was a cantilevered scaffold system. The scaffold was erected 200 feet above the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street. Materials were hoisted at night to allow for the least amount of disruption.

The steep roof was comprised of a custom manufactured two-tone green-glazed Ludowici tile. GAF highly reflective modified bitumen was installed on flat roof areas. The gutter and flashings were fabricated out of 20 oz. copper. When completed, the project was stunning and the clients were extremely pleased with both the quality of the work and our ability to overcome the project challenges. In fact, the Landmark Illinois association bestowed their “Renovation of the Year Award” to the owners for this project. Whether for your roofing or sheet metal needs, Knickerbocker Roofing is the right partner.

Clay Tile Roof and Copper Gutter Installation at the Historic Monroe Building - Project Highlights

Tile & Gutter Installation Project

We removed existing roofing and gutters and installed a new tile roof and copper gutters in a landmark building in Chicago, Illinois.

Installation Capabilities Applied/Processes

Clay tile roof installation
Gutter installation
Intricate soldering requirements
Highly skilled craftsmanship

On-site gutter fabrication
Batten system installation


Work 200 ft. above busy intersection
Cantilevered scaffold system
Occupied building
Congested traffic

Pedestrian area
Hoist material at night
Coordinate with other trades

Overall Part Dimensions

5,000 sq. ft. gutter system

Material Used

GAF highly reflective modified bitumen
20 oz. copper flashings
1″ x 4″ vertical battens
2″ x 4″ horizontal battens

Material Finish

Ludowici T-12 Spanish Style Two-Tone Green Glazed Tile

Industry for Use

Retail office space
Construction industry

Project Location

Chicago Loop, Illinois

Project Name

Clay Tile Roof and Copper Gutter Installation at the Historic Monroe Building