When you have a comprehensive roofing project that requires precision, quality workmanship, and an extensive knowledge base, look no further than Knickerbocker Roofing & Paving Co. Inc. With over 135 years of experience and a client list that is consistently satisfied with our work, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

We were recently retained to complete a commercial roofing installation project that included removing a pre-existing roof (installed by us in 1948!) and replacing it with a Performance Roofing Modified Bitumen Multi-Ply System. The new roof, on The Wrigley Building in Chicago, was comprised of modified bitumen roofing, Dow insulation, and Wausau roof pavers. We also retrofitted the roof drain system, removing the existing drain bowls that were set in concrete, and replaced them with a current model.

This 16,000 square foot project presented many challenges. Due to the busy nature of the building, we devised a plan to perform all of the field work by day, and hoist the roof debris and new roofing materials via freight elevator at night. It also was important that we carefully maintain the surrounding historic terracotta which needed to be protected while our work progressed.

In typical Knickerbocker Roofing fashion, our team of experienced managers and knowledgeable workers completed The Wrigley Building roofing project on time, on budget, and with minimal interruption to the building’s operations. Contact us with your most challenging project and see how we turn challenges into successes.

High Rise Office Commercial Building Roofing Project

Commercial Building Roofing Project

We removed an old roof and installed a new roof on a commercial building.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Removed existing roof previously installed by Knickerbocker in 1948
  • Replaced w/a performance roof system
  • Installed modified bitumen roof system
  • Dow Insulation and Wausau Roof Pavers
  • Removed tear-off debris and loaded new roofing material
  • Retrofit roof drain installation

Plumbing (roof drains)-

  • Removed existing drain bowls set in concrete and replaced with current model

Field work by day, hoist roof debris and new roof materials via freight elevator by night.
Work performed over executive offices
Protect historic terracotta landmark while working

Roof Dimensions

16,000 sq. ft.

Material Used

Modified bitumen

Industry for Use

Commercial building
Construction industry

Project Location

Chicago Loop, Illinois

Project Name

Roofing of a Commercial Building