The Importance of a Proper Roof Maintenance Program

Have you checked out your roof recently? Now that the fall season is upon us, and winter is right around the corner, now is a good time to have your roof properly inspected and ensure that any potential issues are identified prior to them becoming actual problems. As professional roofing contractors, Knickerbocker understands the utmost importance of roof maintenance programs, and we typically recommend roof inspections twice a year.

Why should you enlist in a regular roof maintenance program? There are many reasons, including improving the longevity of the roof, reducing the number of leaks, and forecasting a plan for any potential issues concerning your roof. During these inspections, we pay particular attention to seams and perimeter flashings, as well as to any possible environmental impacts on the roof. Not only are regular inspections part of good roofing practice, but they are also a cost-effective way of managing your facility and roof.

What does a typical roofing maintenance agreement cover? Here’s an example of one of our own Maintenance Agreements, including the essential points of our roof inspections:

  1. Walk and inspect all roof areas including drains, gutters and sheet metal flashings.
  2. Clean out drains. Inspect all drain components. Tighten drain bolts as needed.
  3. Dispose of all small debris from roof.
  4. Repair all minor deficiencies found on flashings around roof penetrations and parapet walls.
  5. Repair all deficiencies found on field membrane.
  6. Reseal all pitch pans.
  7. Inspect all mechanical equipment on roof. Report all deficiencies to owner.
  8. Provide digital photographs of all repairs made and any other areas of concern.
  9. Provide a written estimate for any other repairs not covered in this agreement.

Why let your roof be a dark cloud above your head? Enlist in regular roof maintenance programs to keep a strong roof over you—we would be happy to help!

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