How To Access Solar Government Grants

Solar government grants are financial incentives authorities provide to encourage the use of solar energy technologies. These subsidies aim to promote the adoption of renewable power sources for their environmental and economic benefits. They typically cover some of the installation and maintenance costs, helping people and businesses offset the upfront expenses. This article will discuss […]

TPO vs. PVC Roofing

TPO vs. PVC Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are two types of single-ply membranes utilized in low-slope and flat roofing systems. The two thermoplastic materials demonstrate similar physical characteristics—e.g., high strength, durability, and wind resistance. Despite these general similarities, when designing a roofing system, it’s important to consider the distinctive advantages and disadvantages of using each […]

Knickerbocker is Attending IRE March 1st-3rd!

Knickerbocker is Attending IRE March 1st-3rd!

“See new technology. Touch new products. Place orders. Revitalize your business.” The 130th IRE (the International Roofing Expo) is this week March 1st through the 3rd! Held annually, this year at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, this distinguished event hosts construction, maintenance, and roofing professionals throughout each industry. Here, attendees have the […]

Knickerbocker Kicks Off 2017

Knickerbocker Kicks Off 2017

Throughout 2016, we saw the industry continue to rebound, with growth in both commercial and residential construction. For us at Knickerbocker Roofing, this proved to be another successful year, as we proudly promoted workplace safety, responsible building techniques, and seasonal protection solutions. Now, our team is looking ahead as we gear up for what’s sure […]

CRCA Brings the Industry Together Under One Roof

CRCA Brings the Industry Together Under One Roof

What’s the benefit of belonging to a local trade organization? For us here at Knickerbocker, they are many. As a long-standing member of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), we can testify to the valuable services and resources the CRCA offers its members and the customers we serve. So, what is the CRCA? It’s a […]

End-of-the-Year Recap: A Look Back at 2016

End-of-the-Year Recap: A Look Back at 2016

With the holidays upon us, we at Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving Co., Inc. are taking the time to look back on the past year’s accomplishments. To recap some of our most important news, we’ve highlighted blog posts that detail recent achievements and outline our commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly roofing solutions. Take a look below: […]

Knickerbocker Attended the International Roofing Expo This Month

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is a premier roofing construction and maintenance event for roofing professionals that took place February 17th-19th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Annually, this industry event is where professionals get to network with other industry experts, see and learn about new products and innovations, and attend conference […]

On the Sunny Side of the Roof: Solar Energy is Reaching New Heights

What is greater and more beneficial than the power of the sun? The effects of the sun provide needed warmth, boost productivity, and brighten moods; however, one of the most beneficial characteristics is the technological harvesting that can provide enough electricity to power entire homes and buildings. It’s truly remarkable. Up until recently, the full […]

Moving on Up…to the Rooftop

What goes better with summer than outdoor rooftops? Whether you lie out on the roof of your apartment building on the weekends catching sunrays, head to the nearest rooftop bar after work, or dine in a restaurant that has opened its outdoor seating and check out the skyline, you will be heading up to the […]

Tips for Evaluating a Roofing Contractor’s Safety Performance

One of the most important steps when choosing a roofing contractor is to assess their safety performance. Every professional roofing organization should have a program in place for training workers and maintaining conformance to OSHA safety guidelines. In addition, they must carry both liability and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you, their business, and their […]

Embracing New Standards of Energy Efficiency

According to one study, about 48% of all energy produced in the U.S. goes toward heating, cooling, and providing power to buildings. The use of more efficient building materials, adopting sustainable construction practices, and installing more efficient building systems has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Here in […]

Celebrating Earth Day with a Green Roof and Knickerbocker

With Earth Day 2013 here, we thought it is the perfect time to dive deeper into climate change and the real value of green roofs. In case you are not aware, each April 22nd more than a billion people across the globe take part in Earth Day. It is an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge […]

Tile & Slate – Natural and Sustainable Roofing Options

Are you looking for a steep-slope roofing solution that offers a stately aesthetic appeal, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts practically forever? Then two traditional building materials, tile and slate, both used by craftsmen over many centuries for constructing long-lasting roofs, might be the right choice for you. Roofing tiles, made of kiln-fired clay ore, exhibit […]

Weathering the Roofing Storms

Rain, snow, high wind. There are many types of storms that can hit at any point, and your building’s structure needs to be able to withstand these strong conditions and any potential debris. More than necessary, then, is to ensure your roof is sturdy enough in these storms, or can easily be repaired to ward […]

We are at the Center of your Sheet Metal Roofing Project

Take a stroll down State Street in downtown Chicago and pause in front of Chicago landmark, the Sullivan Center. What do you see? Surely, a variety of restaurants and shops that constitute the ground level of the enormous building. Look a bit deeper, and you’ll notice the ornate architecture that has helped solidify the Sullivan […]

The Importance of a Proper Roof Maintenance Program

Have you checked out your roof recently? Now that the fall season is upon us, and winter is right around the corner, now is a good time to have your roof properly inspected and ensure that any potential issues are identified prior to them becoming actual problems. As professional roofing contractors, Knickerbocker understands the utmost […]

Go Green…with a Garden Roof

Gardens and roofs. Have you ever thought of putting the two together? In current years, garden roofs have become extremely popular, especially in larger cities such as Chicago, and buildings have seen much value in them. Recently, there has been a lot of political support for garden roofs here in Chicago—due to the positive environmental […]

Tips on Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Are you getting a new roof? If the answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page. With over 125 years working in the roofing industry, we consider ourselves masters in roofing. We can help point you in the right direction as you determine your roofing needs. Here are five things to consider […]

Setting High Standards for Over 125 Years

1886 was certainly a busy year. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York. The Hall-Heroult process for refining aluminum was created. Germany’s Karl Benz received a patent for the first gasoline-powered automobile. Most importantly, in our eyes at least, Knickerbocker Roofing and Paving was established. As our name implies, we were built from […]